Abstraction reform: further moves made towards Green Brexit

The government has published a new plan to reform abstraction management – to protect the environment while improving access to water where it is needed most.

Latest data shows that five per cent of surface water bodies and 15 per cent of groundwater bodies are at risk from increasing water use by current abstraction licence holders that could damage the environment.

The new abstraction reform plan will improve better access to water by:

  • preventing unsustainable abstraction by reviewing existing licences and introducing more controls to protect rivers, lakes and groundwater
  • developing a strong focus on catchment areas for water bodies to encourage more partnership working between the Environment Agency, abstractors and catchment groups to protect and enhance the environment and improve access to water
  • modernising the abstraction service to allow online applications for licences and bring water resources regulations in line with other environmental permitting regulations

To read full details visit the .Gov website: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/abstraction-reform-further-moves-made-towards-green-brexit