Promoting profitable farming, healthy soils and clean water

Farm Herefordshire is a group of organisations that have formed a collaborative partnership to support farming in Herefordshire through the promotion of good practice, training and advice.

Did You Know?

Herefordshire faces challenges in meeting the phosphate targets of the River Wye’s special area of conservation. All industries, including agriculture, will be expected to reduce their contributions proportionally. There are opportunities to ensure that investment on farms provides multiple benefits, not only for the farm business but also the river.

What we promote

  • Well Managed Yards & Manures

    Store manures, slurry and dirty water so that their nutrients can be utilised on the farm. Ensure only clean water drains to watercourses.

  • Responsible Nutrient Use

    Apply manures and fertilisers accurately, accordingly to crop requirement and during appropriate soil and weather conditions.

  • Proactive Stock Management

    Manage stock to optimise grass utilisation and to reduce their impact on streams and rivers.

  • Soil Cover Maintained

    Maintaining soil cover will ensure the impact of rainfall is broken, feeds soil biology, boosts organic matter levels and be used as a green manure.

  • Good Soil Structure

    Healthy roots, higher yields, better water infiltration and increased drought resilience are all benefits of good soil structure.

  • Healthy Organic Matter Levels

    Monitor and increase organic matter levels by reducing cultivation, utilising manures, incorporating straw, cover crops and grass leys.

  • Buffer Watercourses

    Ensure runoff, spray drift and manures doesn’t enter ditches, streams or rivers. Buffers can help to filter out runoff, they can also help to stabilise banks to reduce erosion.

News & Updates

  • Environmental Stewardship Schemes

    Natural England's Mid-Tier stewardship has re-opened for 2018 providing another valuable opportunity for farmers locally to apply for support. There are a wide range of land options available including buffering streams, winter bird food, cover crops, very low input grassland and many more. As a water quality priority catchment, those farming in the Wye are also able to apply for capital grants for the farm yard, including guttering, yard drainage, roofing handling areas and concreting. Visit the .Gov website to read about the scheme or contact one of the CSF or WUF advisers below who may be able to assist you with your application.

    Countryside Stewardship Scheme
  • New Farming Rules for Water April 2018

    From April 2018 all farmers in England will need to follow a new set of farming rules for water. In summary they are: Rule 1: Plan use of manures and fertilisers in advance to meet soil and crop nutrient needs and not exceed these levels. Rule 2: Storage organic manures to protect watercourses and boreholes. Rule 3: Applying manures or fertilisers in poor soil conditions or if there is significant risk of causing pollution. Rule 4: Not applying organic manures near watercourses or boreholes. Rule 5: Not applying fertiliser near watercourses. Rule 6: Taking all reasonable precautions to prevent soil erosion from cultivations or livestock. Rule 7: Protecting watercourses against soil erosion by livestock. Rule 8: Positioning livestock feeders away from watercourses and boreholes.

    Read the full details of the new rules here.
  • AHDB GREATsoils

    AHDB funds an extensive programme of research and knowledge exchange on soil management. As part of the Soil Biology and Soil Health Partnership they are looking for farmers to get involved in monitoring soil health and assessing how different management practices can influence it.

    To get involved in the GREATsoils research click here.
    To find out about the AHDB Hereford Monitor Farm click here.

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Promoting the great work that farmers are already doing locally:

Want to hear about local events?

We regularly hold on farm events, to find out what is coming up, click here:

Here are some of the events we have already hosted:

  • Healthy Soil, Healthy Stock

    There have been four events around the county for grassland farmers to focus on how better soil management can result in improved forage and healthier stock with better live weight gains.

  • Cover Crop Safaris

    Growing cover crops has become popular in recent years, we have hosted four farm walks for farmers to see how others are utilising cover crops in their rotation.

  • Benefits of Margins & Buffers

    This event discussed the multiple benefits that buffering watercourses can provide; settling runoff, filtering out spray drift, meeting cross compliance requirements and provide valuable wildlife habitat.

  • Soil Biology

    Two events were held to focus on the biology beneath our feet, the first provided an introduction and the second gave detailed information about soil biology and how to manage soils to enhance it.

  • Water Provision Demonstration Day

    We have had two events to look at alternative water provision options on grassland to allow stock to be excluded from watercourses.

  • Management of High Risk Crops

    We have held several events to promote good management of high risk crops including maize and potatoes to ensure that they can be grown sustainably without impacting on local water quality.

  • Briefings for Agronomists & Local Discussion Groups & Societies

    When Farm Herefordshire was first launched we visited local discussion groups, agricultural societies and agronomists to raise awareness of the challenges we face with Phosphate in the county and the approach being taken to reduce contributions from agriculture.

The Partners

Make the most of our beautiful catchment! Click on the links below to find out about the sights and attractions in the Wye and the best ways to enjoy them.

Farm Herefordshire works alongside agronomists, levy boards, research institutions, private sector businesses, local authorities, statutory agencies and voluntary organisations. It does not promote commercial products and it is not involved in regulatory activities.

Want advice or guidance?

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