Go Wild In The Curl

Curl Group Catchment

The Curl Brook can be found in north-west Herefordshire; rising above Lyonshall the catchment consists of 7000 acres of rural Herefordshire occupied by approximately 600 people. As with national trends, wildlife and water quality in the catchment has come under pressure in recent years. In response to this the Go Wild in the Curl group has formed.

Improving the Curl

The aim of the group is to improve the water quality and wildlife of the Curl Brook catchment, within the context of modern farming, by working together. The group members will work to see what small changes they could each make on their farm to benefit the stream and wildlife habitat condition or connectivity.

Did you know?

The Go Wild in the Curl Group is currently made up of 16 local farmers so it covers about 50% of the catchment area. Farming is diverse in the Curl, ranging from arable cropping, beef and sheep, orchards, dairy and poultry.

We hope that by working together we will improve:

Water quality
Connectivity between habitats
Cooperation between neighbours
Understanding of wildlife
Commercial advantage for local farmers
Understanding between community and landowners
Levels of invasive species

See what we have been up to in the Curl:

See who’s already involved in improving the Curl:

  • Land Use Change:

    See how the landscape of the Curl has changed since this Tithe Map was drawn in 1840.

    Link to the map
  • Water Quality Data

    To find out about the conditions in the Curl click here to visit the Environment Agency’s Catchment Explorer:

    Link to the map
  • Electrofishing Summary

    Each year the Wye & Usk Foundation undertake electro-fishing surveys to assess the health of life in the Curl. To read the most recent results click here:

    Download PDF
  • Invasive Species

    There are a number of invasive species present in the Curl. During the project we will work to eradicate as many as possible starting with Himalayan Balsam. To help identify it and find out how to control it click here:

    Download PDF
  • Big Farmland Bird Count

    Each year we will take part in the Big Farmland Bird Count to monitor the number and diversity of bird species in the Curl.

    To find out more and how to get involved click here:
  • Householder Information

    If you live in the Curl there are things you can do to help! If you would like to volunteer for wildlife surveys or help us to eradicate invasives please contact Tony or Lucinda. If you would like to see what you can do at home visit our If You Live Here section of the Join In page:

    Link to the map

If you live in the Curl Brook Catchment and would like to be involved please get in touch. There are a wide range of ways that local farmers, residents and volunteers can help to restore the Curl to its full potential.

For more details contact
Lucinda Lewis (Wye & Usk Foundation) Email: lucinda@wyeuskfoundation.org or Tony Norman (The Leen) Email: tony@theleen.co.uk