Three Counties Farming Conference

Three Counties Farming Conference – 16th November


Chaired by local farmer and BBC Countryfile Presenter Adam Henson, and starting at 6.30pm this year’s conference will discuss – Survival in a Post Subsidy Britain.


With the single farm payment guaranteed until 2020, battle lines are being drawn up to maintain support on the one hand and to remove it completely on the other.


With strong lobbying groups pushing hard to keep the level of subsidy intact, pressure groups are keen to implement more environmental and welfare standards as a trade off.


Joining the debate this year is:


Mike Petersen, New Zealand Government Agricultural Envoy, giving his first-hand account of how they have handled the changes.


Rt Hon Owen Paterson, Former Environment Secretary, who will argue there are clear lessons to learn from the policy adopted by New Zealand.


On the other side of the debate will be CLA President elect Tim Breitmeyer and NFU President Meurig Raymond.


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